How mittfit Bootcamps Work...


Initial Consultation

The first thing we do with every new enquiry is book in a phone call to discuss where they are at right now, where they want to get to and what’s stopped them from achieving this in the past. This call is completely free and does not mean you have to sign up to work with us; it is just a friendly chat to ensure our program is the best place for you to be!



Without any solid nutritional principles in place, you will never achieve the results you both want and deserve. We work with all of our clients on a 1-2-1 basis to help them better understand firstly what they need to be eating, to optimise their training and results, while secondly also enjoying their food and not feeling trapped or restricted. You CAN eat great tasting food and get great results, we’ll show you HOW!


Training Sessions

You do not need to worry about a thing, we have all the kit you could ever need coupled up with the best trainers in the area ready to deliver a high quality, intense but fun session. Just like we do with nutrition, we are able to personalise these workouts to you based on your goals, training history, strength levels and mobility.


Check in's

Our clients know they can come to us whenever they have a problem or need a question answering. They can speak to us at sessions or contact us directly outside of sessions. On top of that, we provide them with weekly check in’s for measurements, progress photos and a chance to assess how the program is working for them. This is when we may, or may not, make adjustments to their programming to ensure they are getting the best results possible.


Launched in 2018, Eddington has the perfect mix of concrete space for training and green space for fresh air and ‘a view you won’t find it a gym’. Free parking and toilets are available on site and we have everything you need so just bring yourself and some water.


The 28-day Challenge is a great kickstart for those first joining us here at MittFit. It gives them the opporunity to work closely with one of our expert coaches to set realistic goals, better understand their nutrition and instill the habits it requires to achieve and sustain great results. With weekly check ins and coaching calls we ensure each client is getting the exact help they need in a fully personalised programmed based around their lifestyle and their goals. This is our surefire way of getting results for each client we work with.